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Monthly Solar PPA from Us

Offset Rising Energy Costs for as Little as $0 Down

Solar power and battery storage don’t have to come at a premium. With utility rates and blackouts on the rise, you deserve control and confidence over your electricity. That’s why our monthly solar PPA( power to purchase)  plan offers predictable rates while providing clean, affordable, and resilient energy with little to no up-front costs. You can also add a solar battery to get protection during blackouts.


Lock in Low Up-Front Costs

For as little as $0 down, you can take advantage of customized clean energy, resilient back-up power, and predictable rates with an affordable monthly plan.


Expert Solar Support

We’re here for you every step of the way. From paperwork to permits, our experienced Solar Advisors will handle all aspects of your home solar system's installation.


Industry-Leading Guarantee

Sit back and soak up the sun. Our monthly solar PPA includes free 24/7 system monitoring, maintenance, and insurance for up to 25 years.


Compare Our Solar Plans and Services

We’ll customize your agreement based on your individual needs


System Ownership

Upfront Payment

Monthly Payment

Rate Hike Protection


Full Service


Monthly PPA

Low upfront cost

We own the system

$0 to little down

To Us

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Full Purchase

Own your system outright


Full system cost

With Protection Plus

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Monthly Loan

Purchase and finance


$0 down

To loan provider

With Protection Plus

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